About us

Norsk Coating AS was established in 1993 and carries out surface treatment on various objects in climate-controlled halls at Kvithyll in Rissa municipality.

As of today, we surface-treat the following objects for our customers: Cylinders, units, accumulators, coil apparatus, valve blocks, machine frames, sensor equipment for oil pipelines, parts for the defense and various agricultural equipment

Cylinders make up the largest volume. These vary from the smallest that weigh less than 1 kg and up to the largest that weigh up to 35 tons. The diameter varies from 40 to 800 mm and the stroke length can be up to 13 meters.

The stress the equipment will be exposed to varies from storage in dry buildings to rough use in harsh offshore environments.

Our Services

We surface treat everything in steel and metals. Cylinder surface treatment is our most popular service. The cylinders vary from 1 kg to 35,000 kg.

Our Experience

We have been doing surface treatment in climate-controlled halls at Kvithyll in Rissa municipality since 1993. We are one of the best in surface treatment in Norway.

Through our collaboration with Servi Group AS, we can also offer control of welds with most known NDT methods performed by NDT operators according to ISO 9712. We can offer welding according to third party approved procedures according to ISO15614-1, performed by certified welders according to 9606-1 on most materials within carbon steel, and stainless materials including duplex and superduplex. Where there is a need, we can perform a pressure test / function test of your products and perform most types of measurement control with calibrated measuring equipment. All these services can be delivered with a full documentation package from our partner who has extensive experience with deliveries to offshore and subsea.

We can hire Frosio inspectors Level III and professional staff on a project or hourly basis.

We also have a collaboration with the vocational training board for the implementation of professional tests in surface treatment here with us.

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