Surface Treatment
High Quality

At home and abroad

We offer high quality surface treatment to customers all over the world.

We take care of the shipping

We have negotiated very good shipping conditions that benefit our customers.

Strategic partners

Thanks to a close collaboration with strategic partners, our products are market leaders.

Large and small series

We have very competitive prices on both large and small parts that are run in series.

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As of today, we surface-treat the following objects for our customers: Cylinders, units, accumulators, coil apparatus, valve blocks, machine frames, sensor equipment for oil pipelines, parts for the defense and various agricultural equipment

Cylinders make up the largest volume. These vary from the smallest that weigh less than 1 kg and up to the largest that weigh up to 35 tons.

We can accept objects that are up to 5 meters wide, 13.5 meters long and 3.9 meters high in our halls.